Dog Grooming Transformation


Do I need to say more?  The top knot was matted as big as the size of my fist.  One hour of dematting and this is the results!  This puts dog grooming skill to it’s ultimate test of patience. Glad we get a chance to dematt this dog. Hunni, we hope you feel much better now.  This definitely top our before and after dog grooming gallery.

Pomeranian and Bichon Frise Cut To Perfection

Pomeranian (Gizmo) – Ponta or a puppy cut.  Great look for a pomeranian because of their thick hair and cute face.  Want this look?  Call us to get an appointment with one of our dog groomers.

Jezebel (Bichon) – Japanese cut. Round face, fluffy legs, ears blended with face. Great Bichon look.  To get this look, the dog’s hair cannot be matted.  Find out how we could get this look for your Bichon.