Teddy Bear Face, Bracelet Feet Dog Styling

What a cute look for Blanca, one of our regular dog grooming clients. ¬†This is call the teddy bear face with bracelet cut on the feet. ¬†This type of dog grooming style can only be achieved if the dog has curly or fluffy hair. ¬†Straight hair dogs such as Shih Tzu, etc…will not be able to achieve this dog grooming look. ¬†We have a different dog grooming style for Shih Tzu (see this – https://pinkpuccidoggrooming.com/2015/02/01/shih-tzu-dog-grooming-examples/). ¬†Typically Maltipoo, Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle or any kind of Poodle mix will hold this dog grooming style beautifully. ¬†In order to get this dog grooming look for your dog, your dog¬†cannot be matted or tangled (preferred). ¬†If the dog’s hair is matted and has extreme tangles,¬†we would need to either get the dog dematted or do a shave down.¬†If the tangles are somewhat isolated in a small area, we might still be able to get the¬†dog looking this cute with a little detangling effort. ¬†However, if the dog has a lot of big clumps of tangles all over the body and ears, it would not be realistic to achieve this look. Tangles can inhibit circulation. So brush your dog regularly. ¬†It’s healthy as it massages the body.

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