Pink Pucci Dog Grooming in Torrance

Pink Pucci Dog & Cat Grooming in Torrance California

Pink Pucci is a full service dog & cat grooming salon located in Torrance CA.
Our Main focus is on providing a stress free and enjoyable grooming experience for your pet.

Our Salon features:

*Isolated Grooming stations
*Pi Water (filtered and softened water) for bathing and rinsing 
*Natural Shampoos & Conditioners
*Low noise dryers
*Hand scissored styling with low noise blow drying (no cage dryers)
*Professionally trained and experienced groomers
          (mostly 4dogGrooming Academy Graduates)

Appointments are required as we like to manage the number of pets in our salon  to minimize the amount of time the pets spend in our salon and to maximize the amount of attention and care given to  each pet.

Pink Pucci Dog Grooming is located in the Nijiya Plaza
2131 W. 182nd St. Torrance CA 90504
(corner of 182nd St. and Van Ness Ave.)

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Owner of the Pink Pucci Dog Spa & Salon in Torrance CA Japanese Style and Scissor Cut Dog Grooming. Also have dog daycare, puppy kindergarten and dog training services at our location.

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